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Once, the world was ruled by those with magic in their blood. 

But once was a long time ago …

Ever since magic was outlawed in Kernou, Jenyfer Astolat has been living with a secret that would see her bound to the stake as food for the sea. But when her reckless lies see her married to a man she does not love, Jenyfer has to forget fleeing town — and forget about Ordes Merlyni, the charming pirate who has been helping her wield magic in secret.

Arthur Tregarthen never wanted to be a leader, but it’s a duty he can’t escape as the son of the Chif. As he struggles to hide the truth of who he is from his formidable father, a chance meeting with a Magic Wielder reveals secrets from his past that even Arthur didn’t know.

When a Witchfinder tricks Jenyfer into revealing her magic, it sets off a chain of events that propel her, Arthur and Ordes into games that have been eons in the making. But now it falls to them to make decisions that will shape the fate of the world…

The Call of the Sea is the first book in The Grail Cycle, an epic romantic fantasy reimagining of the Arthurian legends. 

book cover of the call of the sea


moodboard showing images of a dark-haired woman in the water or the beach
moodboard showing images of a dark-haired man with a sword and on a ship
moodboard showing images of a dark haired man in the water or on a ship
moodboard showing images of a red-hiared pirate woman
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