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Merawuld: a rich and fertile agricultural land, Merawuld is the most densely populated in Aileryan. People are farmers or merchants, and most live in villages scattered across the landscape. The main center, Tyllcarric, is a bustling walled city, home to both the Mage Council and the young Queen, Rowena. Tyllcarric also houses the Academy, where young people go to study and learn their elemental powers, or train to become White Women, or healers. People follow the Wheel of the Year and the seasonal festivals such as Mabon and Samhain, a left-over cultural practice from the days when the fae still roamed the continent and mixed with the human population.

Eshlune: deep in the evergreen forests of Eshlune is the glorious city of Sitra, the home of the fae. The fae are ruled by a King, chosen by the Mother of All, the Goddess whom they worship. The Enthelme family have ruled Sitra and the fae for generations, chosen as guardians and custodians of the land they live on. The fae follow the Wheel of the Year strictly, and observe all festivals with diligence. They are master craftsmen and artists, but Sitra and the forests of Eshlune are patrolled by the fae Guard, highly skilled warriors whose job it is to protect their home from stray humans and any enemies, but also to help guard the Rift, a great chasm in the earth full of fire, and beasts of fire, known as the Lasair. The fae possess elemental magic, and call themselves Witches. 

Veshlir: to the north of Eshlune lies the country of Veshlir, a hard barren land separated from the great forests by a stretch of tundra where nothing grows. Veshlir is a land of ice and snow, where the sun only shines briefly for a few months a year, before they are plunged into a long darkness. Veshlir is ruled by a Queen, and her people are a mix of fae, human and halfkin. They worship the Cailleach, the Dark Mother. Life in Veshlir is hard, and its people harder.

Estilleon: across the Ghostly Peaks from Merawuld is Estilleon, the land of the wolf. This cold, tough place is ruled over by a Chieftain, and each village appoints a Chief to act as their representative in political matters. Estilleon has a dark history of violence and bloodshed, and has a brutal reputation amongst the soldiers of Merawuld, who protect the Pass between the two countries. The people in Estilleon worship the Bone Mother and the All Father, the God of War and Strength. It's a land of warriors, trained from a young age, taught to be fearless in the Stadium, where monthly competitions are held. Estilleon is populated by humans, with halfkin present as slaves.

Kharpode: the desert land, made up of nomadic tribes. There is one permanent settlement, at the southern end of the country.

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