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Teyath is a small continent made up of two main countries and several main islands, including the mystical island of Avalon, ruled by the Goddess of Magic, Niniane, and the island of Lyonesse, home to the Master of Songs and Death, the God of the Seas. The capital of Teyath is Malist, which is ruled over by the Magistrar of the Sacellum, the seat of the One God's power. 

Mawhenia: this is the largest of Teyath's countries, comprising all but the deeply forested region of Cruithea. The people in Mawhenis are primarily fishermen in the coastal regions, and farmers across the rest of the country. Each village and town is ruled over by a local Chif, or Mayor. In Kernou, the Chif is Ulrian Tregarthen, a hard man who has turned his town towards the religion of the One God and outlawed the Old Ways. 

Cruithea: in Cruithea, the people live their lives by the turning of the Wheel. They worship a variety of gods and goddesses, the primary one being Innana, the Goddess of War and Fertility. They are a strong and proud people, and magic is practiced freely in Cruithea. The land is ruled by a High Priestess, chosen by the goddess. Cruithea is wary of the rest of the continent, especially since the spread of the One God's religion and it's impact on their world. 

The Island of Avalon: this magical place hides behind a veil of mist, unable to be found by ordinary people. Ruled by Niniane, the Goddess of Magic, Avalon is a place of flowing streams and crystal clear water, faeries and the small folk and the Otherworldly apples that Arthur grows fond of. 

The Island of Lyonesse: this place lies to the south of Avalon, and while easier to find, it's not a place you want to visit. Melodias, the Master of Songs and Death, rules this island, which is inhabited by syhrens set on drowning men. The rocky shoreline is littered with the wreckage of ships and human bones. Melodias' realm is accessible through a magical portal, where he lives in a castle made of stone and human bone. The Bag Noz, the Night Boat that shepherds the souls of the dead to the Otherworld, passes along the river that flows through Lyonesse. 

The Teeth: a series of rocky isles and shoals in the far north of the continent, the Teeth is inhabited by faeries of the darkest kind. Ruled over by a Queen, the Teeth is a place people and sailors stay clear of.

Skulls Rest: this town is located on the southern tip of Teyath, and is a self-proclaimed pirate town. Enter if you dare!

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