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Three sets of hands upon the stone,

one set of hands to pass alone.

Struggling to gain control of her magic, Jenyfer is determined to stay away from Ordes and the crew of The Excalibur, convinced she’s a danger to them all. So, when the women of The Night Queen offer her a place on board, she sets sail for a new life.

By order of the gods, Arthur travels to his mother’s homeland to prepare himself to fulfil a destiny he isn’t sure he wants, or deserves. While trying to decipher the Fisher Queen’s messages, Arthur finds the family he craves – and more questions than answers. 

Doing their best to avoid one another and their roles in Merlin’s prophecies, Jenyfer  and Ordes’ paths continue to cross, leading them from Avalon to the watery realm of the Master of Songs and Death. As Jenyfer begins to explore her syhren magic, she and Ordes learn that, sometimes, it can be hard to unravel the truth.

Despite Lamorna’s best efforts to reclaim her place in Kernou, the Chif’s dangerous influence forces her to flee. Drawn into a world of savage beauty, Lamorna forms a risky alliance that could shape the future of Teyath and all who wield magic.

From the wilds of Cruithea, to the magical island of Avalon and the mysterious realm of Lyonesse, journey to a world of gods and prophecy, where nothing is as it seems.

A Song of Magic is the second book in The Grail Cycle, an epic romantic fantasy reimagining of the Arthurian legends.

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