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Shadow of Fire, the first book in Kate's adult high fantasy duology, The Fires of Aileryan, is currently published. The second book, Heart of Flame, was published in November 2022.


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Kate is currently working on an adult high fantasy trilogy inspired by Arthurian legend. The first book is scheduled for release in mid-2023.

What to expect? Pirates, magic, mystery, multiple POV, the quest for the Grail, curses and prophecies, fey and faeries. 


I love that the females in this story are strong, independent and show an ability to lead and solve the issues at hand. It is not that the male characters are weak, in fact they are strong, just as capable, but also have an empathy that too is a strength.


This book is multi layered, the writing is beautiful and it is not only one of the best independent fantasy releases I have read, but one of the best fantasy releases full stop.



The first thing that drew me into The Fires of Aileryan was Kate's Writing style. Her command of words flowed in a way that made me stop a few times to just take it all in. The world-building and politics of this world have been written simply amazing, the way the story grows and opens up, makes you want so much more.

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