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An adult fantasy series inspired by Arthurian Legend! With romance and pirates and feisty characters and set in a world where magic has been forbidden and the Old Gods have been forsaken in place of the new. With tropes such as one bed, touch her and die, forced proximity and heaps of magic and faeries, this will be a rollicking adventure on the high seas while our heroes search for the Grail of legend and the Once and Future King gets set to take his throne!

Book 1, The Call of the Sea, is set for release August 1, 2023, with book 2 coming 2024.


This is the third book set in the world of Aileryan, and events take place twenty-five years after the end of Heart of Flame. We follow new characters and old through a new world, through treachery and betrayal, through love and loss and a familial legacy that no one could have predicted!

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