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The Self-Publishing Journey

What have I learnt on this crazy whirlwind of a ride so far?

  1. Don't panic!

  2. Ask questions - seriously, just ask no matter how stupid they might seem. I had no idea what I was doing so I asked. And when the internet can't help you, find a real human who can!

  3. Research. I don't know how many FAQs and trouble-shooting guides I read or how many blogs I consulted.

  4. Know your market - this is important for things like promotion and design. I spent a lot of time studying fantasy covers for instance, and looking at what elements of design I wanted to utliise and what seemed to be successful in catching the eye of the reader. I need to thank my designer once again - you can find her at

  5. Don't skip the beta reader stage! My book would not be nearly as good without my amazing beta readers.

  6. Get a good editor!

  7. Don't panic.

  8. Research some more. There is a process to follow and if you miss a step it could mean disaster, or, at most, a hold up in getting your book out there.

  9. Again, ask questions. And get answers clarified if you need. Never feel like you can't ask questions!

  10. Find a cheer squad - my awesome writer's group on Instagram have kept me sane and motivated. Thank you girls!

  11. Don't panic.

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