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Heart of Flame,
The Fires of Aileryan, book 2

Fires that curse, fires that heal,

And all the while, so turns the wheel...


With the Queen of Merawuld confined to her bed and the city of Tyllcarric in the iron grasp of the High Mage, war is closing in on all horizons for Ash and Senan. Hellbent on eliminating any threats to the fae throne, Kiarda of Veshlir has raised an army to claim her prize — and she will not be stopped.


Meanwhile, across the border, change is afoot in Estilleon.


Thalion’s men are ready for rebellion, but when the first rush of power ends, he finds himself forced to toe the line between strength and brutality. By his side, Laeli is a stranger in the human world — caught between love and loyalty in a land that stifles her voice.


As conflict escalates across the land of Aileryan, those with power clash amidst a sea of ideals, dreams and greed, forcing the most battle-scarred to overcome their demons and prove they are a force to be reckoned with.


For that which has been dormant for so long is about to burst forth, and when the winter solstice arrives, all will be at the mercy of the Gods...

Character bios - under construction


the halfkin

Healy is a halfkin who we first met in Shadow of Fire, but she plays a larger role in this story. She has worked for Thalion's family since he was a child, and was close with his mother. She watches out for him, and becomes a friend to Laeli. Healy is no-nonsense and caring.

Brenna of Whitemouth


Brenna is the Chief of Whitemouth, and is in Hadrian's pocket. He is a cruel man, with a heavy hand and a terrible attitude towards Thalion. Brenna believes he should be Chieftain, and follows Hadrian to Eshlune to join Kiarda.


Chief of Silverward

Cuyler is the Chief of Silverward, and is left by Hadrian to watch over Thalion and make sure he doesn't mess up the country. Initially against Thalion's ideas of rebellion, after a short stay in a locked room and a visit from a certain fae warrior, Cuyler becomes an ally and helps Thalion win the other Chief's over.

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