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Shadow of Fire
The Fires of Aileryan, book 1

A potent power is about to be unleashed. 

Forbidden and forged in flame.


Control over the elements is a gift from the Gods, but since the creation of the Rift, fire magic has been outlawed in Merawuld. The Rift is a source of mystery, fear, and, for some, a tempting source of power. 

Ash is a fire caster who has spent years hiding her magic, but when her explosive powers reveal themselves she is imprisoned by the Mage Council. Ash’s powers are coveted by the High Mage, who seeks to use her as a pawn against not only his enemies, but his allies as well. 

With the Bone Mother’s winter fast approaching, the fae Princess vows to fight against the corrupting influence of power, forming an alliance whose success rests on a human man’s desire for peace; a man who must decide if he will play the game he's inherited or begin one of his own.

But in Aileryan, the Gods have their own plans. As the Mother of All turns the wheel of the year, the land is brought to the edge of war. Loyalty and courage will be sorely tested as paths intertwine and Fate plays her hand.   

If Ash can’t learn to control her magic, the scheming of gods and mortals could spell doom for them all. 

Character bios


The Fire Caster

Ash is a young woman training to be a healer, or White Woman, at the Academy in the city of Tyllcarric, but Ash is hiding a dangerous secret - she's the first person born with the power of fire in generations, something that sees her become a pawn in political games. 


The soldier

Jarlath is a soldier in the Queen's Army. Young and idealistic, he's Ash's best friend and is secretly carrying a torch for her. He arrives in the city to see her as the Mabon celebrations are ending, and finds a city under lockdown and Ash imprisoned for her magic. Jarlath's arrogance and belief he knows what's best for Ash causes a few problems.

Laeli Enthelme

The fae Princess and Fire Witch

Laeli is not your typical Princess. Not content to sit around the palace in Eshlune, she spends her days guarding the Rift, a smoking chasm filled with fire - a remnant of an extraordinary display of power that ripped the earth open and created beasts of flame. Laeli is tough and rude, a warrior with a chip on her shoulder. A fateful meeting one night changes everything for her!

Thalion Liulfur

Son of the Chieftain of Estilleon

Thalion is a skilled warrior from the harsh land west of the Ghostly Peaks. He's tough and brooding, a little cock-sure, and set to inherit Estilleon from his father, Hadrian, a man carrying a mighty grudge against the fae. Thalion doesn't share his father's tough stance on life - he feels their energy would be better spent looking after their people than waging war, but he follows his father's orders, until he tries to kidnap the wrong Princess and gets his arse kicked and his motivations altered in the process.

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